Chasing Cars

June 18, 2009

Its been almost two weeks plus im done with my study, i got my result and Alhamdulillah i finally get tha chance to go up there to get my degree. Four years passed me by, so fast that i couldn’t believe at first im done with my degree. Currently in Equine Park, finishing my days here before moving back to my Mom’s house in Keramat next month. Work? will be a new chapter soon. I’m beginning to list down possible workplace for me. Some of my friend already started so all the best for them, show the rest what we made of after what i can say the worst semester ever!.As for now me and my housemate just wondering around, trying to spend time as much as we can. Go ‘makan’ together, working out, playing cards or talking about past stories. Looking back, that 4 years was one of the key moment of my life. Whatever happened i take it as a good experience that got me to what i am today.Thank God i manage to get through all this with Your will. I make so many friends, so many new faces, good or bad doesn’t matter they still a human being :). Nothing much for an average guy like me but im happy to have an understanding Mom, a loving Girlfriend( I Love You!) and a bunch of super-duper-osemness-crazy friends around me. You make my life rock.

P/S : updated my photo blog, check it out!!


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