January 30, 2009

finally.. holiday! for the last 2 weeks being a bit busy with works , works and works so i decided.. i need a holiday. yup i need one and since i got only one place in my mind plus one person that can really make my day is her =). melaka is the place and this is the picture i managed to captured within 2 days there. p:/s : the pix was snapped using 50mm lens 😛 so cant get wide pix 😀



1st day. we went to eat ikan bakar at Umbai. at first i planned to go to Pulau Duyung as recommended by Alep but none of us know where the heck is that place *GPS not working*. joined by Nrul *the photographer in making* nice place eventho its not what like i imagine at the first place 😛 but the food is really good.



sotong goreng tepung *fav?*

dsc_4682_399x600ikan siakap 3 rasa

dsc_4684_399x6001ikan jenahak bakar

dsc_4680_399x600sayur campur


oh they eat here with nasi lemak 😀

second day. spend most of the day with her. jalan2 around melaka eventho its not that big but we find it hard to circle around since im not that good with melaka’s road *i did check it on Google Maps :P* we went to zoo melaka * when was the last time i went to zoo :P* i got zoo negara near to my house in fact really really near.. ehehhe…




best 😛

dsc_4806_399x600giraffe & ‘giraffe”



osssstrichhh head


next we heading to kg morten , which situated along the melaka river.  i avery nice kampung , we stopped by at villa sentosa where we meet uncle abdul rahim, the owner of the house. very nice man and allowed me to took some of the pixture inside the house *he said not all visitor allowed to do that :P*

dsc_4859_800x532uncle abdul rahim 😀

dsc_4894_800x532he got Japanese cert for language 😀

dsc_4875_800x532his mom’s wedding shoe *org dulu2 pun gila kasut gak eh :P*

dsc_4868_800x532super grandpa of DSLR ?:P

dsc_4902_800x532his father’s medal of honor *salute*

dsc_4873_800x532British’s tea set


miniature of tea set

dsc_4870_800x532old skool projector!

dsc_4899_800x532nurul & pika with “the housekeeper’s”


in front of the villa


them , the malaccan/johorian 😛

dsc_4907_800x532side view

next stop. giant batu berendam. shopping? not really more like teman them bli groceries. grab some hot cheesy pizza before that 😀

dsc_4926_800x532soup of the F-in’ day:P

dsc_4931_800x532pizza ! 😀

dsc_4930_800x532more pizza!!!

dsc_4928_800x532hunggryyy =pppp

dsc_4946_800x532‘big’ variety great ‘value’ ?


requested 😛



time to go home. having a great time. really enjoyed every second of my trip to melaka. thx to pika and not to forget nrul. and to her all i can say is this…..

dsc_5056_800x532ily so much =)



  1. big variety great value?wakakkakakakakka.

  2. AUUUUWWWWHHHH!!!! comel gila! i nak p zoo dari dulu lagi. Damn it. 😛

    Nanti next week nak heret One Buck Short pi zoo. haha 😀

  3. haha..last time i pg zoo melake last year,bawak adik2 pegi nite zoo..pika n nrul! next time i nk bawak u guys lak la..kita try nite zoo..n u too zax..u can join us too..hehe

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