Raya 2008

October 7, 2008

Assalamualaikum… well raya come & pass by every single year. so do the seronok feeling about raya. day by day i soon realize i wanted to go raya in my child form.. hahah.. bole dapat duit raya. well back in kg ppl kinda shock how big am i now compared to last year. well i do put on some some but i dont expect them to be that shock.. hahaha…. now the dont call me skinny or what ever name they used to called me. yeah… puas puas.. well same like last year.. no duit raya but thx god i dont have to give any ( pandai bagi alasan ).raya alywas been a tiring day for me since im the only one who can handle my old D50.. the rest kinda scared to handle that so called big expensive camera. at the end.. from over 5++ of pix… only TEN included me.. itu pun small2 part.. haih đŸ˜¦ . well now back in KL conting days for presentation on 9th.. havent do anything but its not as hrad as i think, well just do a slide show on what ever i did during my internship & talk talk talk until my 10 minutes is up. waaaaaaa and maybe maybe we’ll finally miving in to Sri Kembangan house.. hahhaah…. did i say maybe? well im kinda miss all my friend in MMU… nak lepak… nak makan mcD. seriously now life mase cuti bored.. bored to the max… nak main futsal… pingpong… gym… suma laaa.. i need to get back on track… need a new injection of life spark. some said i need a companion… well… we shall see… lets see how well things go and hopefully theres good news along the way.insyaAllah.


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