once in a while

September 14, 2008

today is Sunday.. of coz 😛

bored, not feeling well & missing someone *pfffft*

well been jumping from one blog to another blog since i woke up this morning. dont really have enuff sleep since puasa.. byk sgt keje laaa!!! hahahah.. ppl might think that after ive done my intership life gonna be much much relax and relax.. no la kot *padan muka ang.. sapa soh pi amek keja byk2* dah lama gak tak update my blog ni. dusty. online pun jarang2. since the modem belong to my bro and he always like out station with the modem skali.then agak limited la nak online.da 2 minggu puasa. sedar x sedar half way through ramadhan. hurm shit i miss mmu even the guard clamp my car last time i went there. a lot of thing changes kat mmu like really berubah. i went there about 12.30am and its like twilight zone *musiccccc* ahahha.. no one compared to my time 12.30 you still can see ppl walking la ape la.. those were the day and suddenly baru  teringat *shit* ive got 6 more months left. 2 more sem and i finally move out from students life. isk sedeh lak rase. dah la tak live kat hostel dah, moved out to SK *sume pasal MMU la ni.. cakap hostel da penuh aaaaa… pissoooffffffffffffffffffffff tipu sial* tp better la dekat sket ngn someone, sape? ahah.. dam near to McDOnald *man thats will be the next mamak for me* hopefulyy i wont be eating McD like everyday nanti. just now i tried my baju melayu *taun ni my mom x buat one for me* baju OK.. tp the seluar singkat? hahha.. im supposed to grow wider awat slua x muat.. hahah… in an hour time ill be at Adam’s house ader doa selamat since die nak g Scotland nanti… ehehe… hilang sorang lagi kawan.. sume nak fly… nampak gaya baju melayu with jeans ah.. well gotta go. shower and all *hujan la plax*.bye!


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  1. haha. x bored. busy eh?

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