August 11, 2008

well quick recap what happend past week

– got my second anak sedare * baby gurl!! *bahahhahaha

– my grandmother passed away ( same date as my late father ) *al-fatihah*

– went to saloon for the very first time * thx jaja*

– packing my stuff , im moving to SK house soon!

– spent some money on things that i wanted for so long

– being able to drove all the way from perak-kl-perak-kl!!

well that not all what happend last week.have a zigzag life jugak lak. emotion running wild on me, need to get back to normal mode a.s.a.p. i cant wait for the internship to finished as i can feel my mind is no more here. isk. dah pikir cuti la ni. 3 more weeks, yeah three!! oh by the way i went to watch The Mummy 3 with wanaf and it turn out to be a good muvi la. hehhe. i soon realize that i do have that passion for muvi sometimes 😛 then lepak at Hartamas with Jaja and Aye. my car cannot broke down *its the battery fault 😛 * yeah i remember how cuak u gurls in the car when rempits around.hahhaha. luckily i manage to work on my magic hand :P. well i fix the battery just now *RM178 gone 😦 * . now i know how hard pakai kereta.. hehehhe.. well that just sum up my plain weekend. hahaha. bored kan? enough for now, i need to get back to work.

P/S : to those who graduating today ; mashi,fariq,deena,bayie,zeek,fozy * and so on* CONGRAT!!!! cepat2 cari keje and bole belanja me!!



  1. thank you…

  2. AGAKLAH!! cuak gila ok. Budget dah kene tolak keta dah.. huhu. ^_^

    Len kali kasi servis keta betul2. 😛 heheh.

  3. LUCKYLY KETE U LEH GERAK!! tak sanggup i tolak kete u pakai mini skirt!! ;-P

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