August 1, 2008

one more month. then im off to my holiday.just one more month to go.4 weeks to be precise.cant wait.to end this internship and to fix the damage done during that time.its been hard & soft 2 months for me. in life,working,love that will turn me to a better person.im off to batu gajah ( my kampung ) tonight, weekend at kampung surely will recharge my mind and as an opportunity to temporary forget tiny little ‘bug’ that been bugging me lately. i need to be strong. i know. patient is the key. im observing my situation very deeply.lately, im missing someone that really have been a big part in my life once before been ‘snapped’ by once-to-be-my-buddies. thinking back, i have no grudge at all. im a grown up dude and ive put this thing to bed long time ago. everything happen so fast. its been years now since i last saw her. sounded like a heart-broken-guy yeah? no la. just its been floating in my mind for couple days. yeah. i admit it. I MISS HER DAMN MUCH.


One comment

  1. hey u! sabar k!!
    be strong… you will find someone who u deserve to be with… dont give up! 🙂

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