i hate to do this.. but

July 9, 2008

5 things found in my bag

– men’s health
– some a4 papers
– small towel
– a bottle of mineral water
– some coins

5 things found in my wallet

– coins.. a lot
– My IC, driving license and ATM cards
– cash , money
– picture of my family
– something that remind me of someone

5 favorite things in my room

– my bed of coz
– my pull up bar
– my pc
– my mirror! hahahah
– my closet

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

This could go on forever.
– stay fit and healthy
– rich before 40
– stay calm whenever i can
– be able to see my grandson
– be a good man
– find a girlfriend

5 things I’m currently into

– blogging
– futsal
– arctic monkeys and stuff
– money
-getting myself ready for fyp

4 presents i wish for…

– a surprise party for my birthday
– a call from someone that i haven’t heard for years
– a gym set
– her

I’m tagging

-whoever read this and have a blog!


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