another day another story

July 9, 2008

mood : calmer than yesterday

again. another relax day. all i do is sitting in from on my pc,chatting,browsing etc. no work at all. lunch? playing EURO with izzat * i bet you man! in your face! * now just waiting for the clock to turn to 6.30 pm and we’all will go back home. the road will be packed by cars as always , my daily routine.as for myself, today is a better day from yesterday and i hope tomorrow will be a better day than today. i get to realize a lot of things and the i know if i stay calm and positive. good things will come in my way.

btw : happy birthday to jaja! remember i will always younger than you!


One comment

  1. oit!
    kecoh tul!
    mude brape bulan je!!
    anyway thanks for the wish!! yeaY!!

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