May 8, 2008

yeah.. its gonna end soon. the gamma year. im done with all my assignments ( thank GOD!). next week will be the exam week and i still have four more paper to go ( sigh ) until 24 next month. well i finally manage to get one interview yesterday at Pocket Pixel in Desa Pandan which quite near la to my house in Keramat. hopefully ill get the chance to be an intern there. quite a nice place to work and learn a lot about the industries.everything will be decided as soon as next week but im hoping to get some more interviews from other company later on. Cmon! at this point i haven’t slept for about a day plus since came back from my interview. finished up our PHP assignment ( hate but love it! )plus our audio design assignment. finally its all done now focus on intern and some small2 stuff before i finished my final day in hostel. we haven’t got any place to stay for next sem although ive been thinking to stay at the Cyberia but up until now, still no place for us. cant gamble to wait for the appeal result on the 2nd week of next semester.for the past week i spent much more time the my roomies and other friend as i can feel the joy and laugh as i battle with my own feeling that will never let me go for one second. its been a hard and challenging semester for me especially in personal, a lot of hard decision had to be made as i trying to make my mark on this world. i know its getting harder & harder each day but if i know how to handle things, i should be ok. i should know how to deal with stuff that i will encounter soon. i know i shouldn’t moan about it but learn how to adapt and solve the problem. it doesn’t matter if its personal, friendship or work i know i can handle it slowly, little by little. the end of the semester also signaled the end of what i thought will be a happy ending for me but hey, im still standing, still alive and ill always gonna be me nothing more nothing less. thanks for everyone who supported me before this.


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  1. your the most positive person ive met= )and i look up to u on that.all the best zax!

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