May 3, 2008

for the past weeks
I tried to be myself again
pick up the broken pieces
glued them together
with my own tears
build up the new-old me

for the past weeks
things has never been this tough
struggling to find my way back
the way i used to be
living in my own fantasy land

for the past weeks
you has been something that
i miss so much dear
everything we did together
i still remember
every tears and burst of laugh
ringing in my ears

you’ve told me to stay
i did what i could
you’ve told me not to go
i stuck here like glue
now you told me to go
you tell me to forget everything

I’m not here to cry out loud
and tell the whole world how i felt
i just want you to think back
do i ever cross your heart
do i make enough
i scarifies part of me
to be with you
now i know it’s no big deal anymore

so thanks for making me stronger
everyday i see you i will be just another person
never a special person
like you used to be inside my empy heart


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