life so far

April 30, 2008

last post mcpa? wuh.. so longggg… yeah. im i bit busy lately to post something here… but here i am now.. and this is my life so far

1. cut my hair already for interviews
2. done with my installation art and i was very delighted with the effort i put in this time
3. having the worst breakdown this year but i’ll bounce back
4. able to go jogging every petang
5. going one step better in my guitar technique
6. able to spend some money on things that i want for a long time
7. having to accept one of the most difficult fact in my life that coz my breakdown

that was sum of what ive done or experience since my last post. having say this, some on the thing that i was really2 effecting me. not all but i know there’s a lot to love and care for.


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