March 9, 2008
The Front & Back Cover of the Demo
( The back side is the Sugarbum Hand Sign)

today will be remembered forever as one of my best day. not only for me but for my band mate too. our 3rd gig in space of one year was a great success. a very good experience for me to be in front on a tsunami crowd at MCPA Hall KL. being the 2nd band to perform is not an easy task anyway. i reach the hall around 11 am ( thx rid for waking me up :P) meet up the rest of the band with afif. even thought that we have to wait for sometimes before we have our sound check but its not a big problem anyway. We bring 50 Free Demo CD to be distribute to the crowd and 30 of them snapped within 5 minutes !! thats was something.. hehehheh…. the sound check around 2 pm then the crowd starting to fill up the space in the hall. it was a massive crowd, mostly teenagers. i did meet up some of my friends over there yaya ( thx for coming!!) ,OP (that a surprise), lyana ( rantaiART booth neighbor and his bf ) adam & flop frasa , panjeeee!! hahahah… and meet new friends esp from katun clothing. thx topek support. you guys awesome. then come the best part. we are on the stage!!! at first when i look at the crowd during the first band ( The O.D ) i was a bit nervy. the crowd was jumping like crazy. then its us! the first song was All I Want then Di Kala Malam followed by Off Focus , K.A.U and the last one was Banquet ( Cover Bloc Party).the crowd was awesome. i can see them waving, jumping and enjoying our songs. it was a great view for me up the on the stage. even it was hot ( cooler than skizo 😛 ) its was worth every drops of sweat 😛 i cant tell how i felt.. its indescribable. 5 songs in 30 minutes and were finished. tired but satisfied with the our overall performance. thx to my band mate wan , rid , shah and daus. it was a blast!! thx to afif as the videoman for the patient following us all the way up and down the hall. you are awesome. thx also to yanniz ( this is how to spell ur name kan?) as the photographer for the day. i want my picture 😛 finally to VAIN MUSIC!!! ketol and the geng. thx a bilion zillion for the invitation and i personally enjoying myself today. keep on supporting the local scene

P:S – Picture and video will be uploaded soon!!


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