First Post

December 18, 2007


Almost at the end of the short semester (currently in my 2nd semester / 2 year). Lot’s of work coming up and it will be a busy week ahead with a lot of things to do especially this coming Sunday where i will perform in my first ever gig with my band ; Sugarbum . To be honest i never imagine i will be there and perform in my age now but i will do my best for the band and those who will come to support us. The down side is that the gig will be without the core-man, the man who create this band Aliff Afiq from the Lova2. He had to go somewhere else with his family :(. It would be a great news if he can join but i guess he can’t. Last weekend can be listed down as one of the weekend-of-tiredness in my life where me and my art group PTaT which stands for Perjuangan Tak Akan Tammat open our booth at Rantai Art Event at M.I.A KL. We sold a lot of painted shoes plus been able to introduce ourself to the art commnunity. I meet a lot of my long lost friends from high school and some from my diploma time in Cosmopoint. Too bad i didn’t bring my DSLR with me. The only shot i got was with Faliq, my friends since primary school back in 90′. Its been 15 years and still going. ( Too bad Chelsea lost 😛 ) .

Anyway hope this would not be the last post because i can see myself going to be lazy to update this blog or forgot the password later on. Hahahah.


One comment

  1. heeey! new blog! 😀

    mane pegi blog lame?

    oh btw,
    nice shoes.
    i’ll get one pair when im not broke. XD

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